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Architecture & Engineering

Architecture & Engineering

AceInfo meticulously builds and executes its architecture and engineering layers. Four core components, business architecture, data architecture, application architecture, and technology/infrastructure are the keystone's in our approach. Security, integration, scalability/performance, transparency, and availability are key performance indicators in each architecture layer. The graphic below depicts our Architecture & Engineering process. Federal Enterprise Architecture standards, OCIO IT/Security policy standards and OMB regulations are considered and their regulations are stringently adhered to. We assess the CAPEX and OPEX costs, security implications, Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment when evaluating solutions, frameworks and new technologies.

Our Architects are TOGAF and DODAF aware. We effectively use our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) expertise through Enterprise application design patterns, Distribution patterns and Enterprise Integration design patterns in implementing enterprise scale integrations through loosely coupled/de-coupled RESTful APIs. To address specifically the modularity, scalability and high availability, our design implements functional domain driven, loosely coupled, scalable systems design patterns. Our scalability design principles include, Statelessness, Parallelization, Asynchronous, Partitioning, Idempotent and fault tolerance. Our web-presentation design will include Responsive Web Design, Content Management System, portlets, widgets and plug-n-play objects, Model View Controllers.

We built shared services platforms, comprising easily configurable, deployable, and reusable business application components with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) first paradigm. We have defined and implemented the Technology Architecture/Posture for applications portfolio consolidation for multiple federal clients with current and future technical infrastructure and specific hardware and software technologies that support their information systems. We have experience developing enterprise portal services, Enterprise Service Bus and service oriented Architecture infrastructure. We have designed, developed, and maintained databases for a range of clients, from small 50+ table databases to large databases with hundreds of tables and terabytes of data.