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Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development

AceInfo’s expertise in agile development extends to numerous methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Software Development.  We have been performing Agile Software Development for over 10 years on 70% of our software projects. We have a large team of experienced SMEs/Leads/Managers, Architects and Software Engineers, constantly practicing agile methods on multiple software implementations. We have 100+ Agile-skilled resources and 30+ Certified Scrum Masters, 25+ Agile Project Management practitioners, and 3 PMI Agile Certified practitioners. 

The CoE Management ensures that personnel are current with the latest Agile certifications and training opportunities and keep sharing and updating their agile knowledge. On most of our software projects, we experience situations where the client side project teams are not fully staffed with business analysts or customer domain experts to perform detailed requirements analysis. Utilizing agile methods, our project teams can begin development before all of the requirements are known. We focus on high business value features first and the lesser or unused features for later.


We embark the customer on an Agile Transformation with an Agile Coach to determine the best path to address their unique goals and challenges. Frequent delivery of fully tested codebase that provides a tangible functional feature is key in our Agile practice, the end product being developed piece by piece, iteration by iteration. The project plan, application design and development along with the productivity/velocity measures are continuously inspected and adapted based on incremental and empirical processes. We keep the feedback loop shorter by producing software in smaller batches to increase transparency, quality and efficiency. We adjust the project controls as needed to utilize the resources efficiently to avoid queuing. Request for our whitepaper on Agile Software Development.