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Digital Services

Digital Services

AceInfo’s digital services team is composed of a team of individuals who work to instantiate industry best practices in an effective manner. Team members have shared objectives of building upon service methodologies and principles to help deliver a product with optimized value. The Digital Services team is cross-functional and equipped with the skillset to bring depth and breadth of experience expertise to each phase of project or product’s life cycle. By verifying that federal government best practices are instilled and in many cases exceeded, the team helps reinvigorate core design and development values and philosophies.

The digital services team includes DevOps and security subject matters experts (SMEs). The team aims to build services focusing on flexibility, automation, open-source, accountability, and leadership through experience. As per the United States Digital Services Playbook, there are 13 key plays, or best practices, intended to increase digital service efficacy:

  • Understand what people need
  • Address the whole experience, from start to finish
  • Make it simple and intuitive
  • Build the service using agile and iterative practices
  • Structure budgets and contracts to support delivery
  • Assign one leader and hold that person accountable
  • Bring in experienced teams
  • Choose a modern technology stack
  • Deploy in a flexible hosting environment
  • Automate testing and deployments
  • Manage security and privacy through reusable processes
  • Use data to drive decisions
  • Default to open