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Artifical Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, specifically computer systems. It is the development of a system in which operation(s) or behavior(s) conducted by a human are replaced by a non-human component, often incorporating programming and knowledge engineering. Examples of artificial intelligence include decision making, translations, and speech recognition. The term “artificial intelligence” is applied when machines use techniques generally thought of as intuitive human cognitive functions to achieve a goal.

The question is, "How would the system attain intelligence without learning?". This question was answered earlier by IBM during 2001, where in it defined an this can be achieved by introducing "Autonomous Computing Systems" possessing the following characteristics referred to as "self-*", "S-CHOP"

  • Self-configuration: Automatic configuration of components
  • Self-healing: Automatic discovery, and correction of faults
  • Self-optimization: Automatic monitoring and control of resources to ensure the optimal functioning with respect to the defined requirements
  • Self-protection: Proactive identification and protection from arbitrary attacks

The system learns from the data set changes it undergoes for every configuration change, for every error condition resolutions, thereby the system gaining intelligence by learning.

The CoE, with its vast experience in building enterprise class High Performance and High Availability systems/platforms, understands that when dealing with heterogeneous and distributed systems, it is mandatory to build some intelligence into these platforms so that the platform can orchestrate the components/infrastructure and cohesively react to interim needs for increased performance, Load balancing, elastic needs, fault tolerance, etc. We at AceInfo CoE constantly research and prototype several frameworks and methodologies that enable us to innovatively design and deploy systems that are autonomous and repeatable.

Currently, AceInfo is working with a federal client to leverage on their existing data assets and develop "Natural Language Processing" to optimize the search engine using Intelligence based pattern matching, Statistical methods based word/data set scoring, and ranking using Apache Solr, Lucid and other frameworks.