AceInfo Centers of Excellence

Collaborate. Innovate. Integrate.




AceInfo’s innovation paradigm lies into the core principles of Information Technology to increase Return on Investment (ROI), reduce CAPEX/OPEX costs, enhance business and improve operational efficiencies. Our Engineers and Architects are TOGAF and DODAF aware. We expand the customer capabilities and their technology/security postures through continuous innovation. We establish forums comprising our Chief Architects, Solutions Architects, Chief Engineers, Systems Engineers, Technical Project Managers and Technology Executives from AceInfo’s Center of Excellence (COE).

The CoE conducts periodic brainstorming sessions, meetups and brown bag lunches to incubate new computational ideas and architectural paradigms that lead to innovation with a purpose. With specialists that include Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Web 2.0 and 3.0, GIS, Identity Management, SOA, and Intelligent Elastic Search technology, our  subject matter experts (SMEs) conduct pilot implementation for emerging technologies and develop white papers, implementation plans, and lessons learned to arrive at best fit solutions for our customers. Our CoE is an innovation center for advanced and emerging technologies in the areas of Agile, DevOps automation, SOA/ REST architectural paradigms, software containerization, Enterprise Mobility, Big Data, Cloud and Distributed Computing.

We partner with industry and academia on technology and enterprise level computing projects and motivate our staff to explore new technologies, patented ideas, and research R&D papers to come up with innovative solutions that can be used across projects and clients. The COE is leveraged by customer programs to reduce costs and improve performance by enabling access to technology thought leaders and SMEs as well as field-tested tools and processes from laboratory.