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AceInfo developed the Cheer prototype as an integral component of our response to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) FLASH IDIQ Challenge. AceInfo created and structured a responsive web app that provides reports and tracks staff performance recognition of individuals by their colleagues. The app includes entry of recognition of users in the form of “kudos”, as well as administrative functions. Test Driven and Behavior Driven Development, DevOps Automation and CI/CD Pipelines, and Automated Testing via Cucumber, Selenium, etc. were all critical in developing a clean, effective, easy to use product. We focused on User Centric UX/UI design. Agile and SDLC management approaches were utilized in creating user stories, sprints, release roadmaps, and velocity and burndown charts. AceInfo employed the U.S. Digital Services playbook to ensure best practices, Trello to facilitate collaboration, and JIRA for Agile Lifecycle Management.

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NOAA Station Information System Mobile Prototype

The mobile prototype was developed by CoE for NOAA National Weather Service Station Information Systems (SIS). This app enables NWS users to manage inspection of equipment for weather and climate observations, preload the data and work in offline mode. The mobile app was developed using Apache Cordova, jQuery Mobile and open source libraries and RESTful APIs for cross mobile platform compatibility, and enables the best user experience on mobile devices.

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EPA Office of Environmental Information EDS

The CoE works closely with its current and prospective customers to evaluate and help them guide the technology and infrastructure paradigm that best fit to the current organizational as well as future growth needs. During one such activity based on the RFI solicited by EPA, OEI wanted to evaluate and understand the API based approach to obtain publicly available data sets and process them. The CoE developed a prototype utilizing open source technologies, Agile and DevOps methods and toolsets, and AWS Cloud. The application demonstrates search and retrieval of information related to EPA registered pesticides, and the ability for users to report data errors. We implemented "User Centric Design", "Responsive Web Design", "Faceted Search", "API Services", "Containerization" & "Cloud Enablement" for the prototype delivery.

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EPA Office of Pesticides (Faceted Search Application)

Sensing the need for unified search functionalities across existing applications, a user friendly search application has been created. Under the hood, open source frameworks such as Apache Solr and Apache Tika have been used to build application context specific inverted indexes. Relevancy and facet based search capabilities boost the usability of the application with multi-dimensional data analysis. It can scale horizontally across contextual indexes by facilitating one interface with near parallel searches among application data contexts. Its scope includes integrating with natural language processing to embed artificial intelligence as an add-on.

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GSA Agile Delivery Services BPA

The CoE responded to GSA ADS BPA solicitation by submitting a working design/development prototype utilizing the related datasets and APIs for FDA’s Adverse Events and Enforcement Reports of Medical Devices from The prototype details “Medical Device Safety Trends” for the general public and for medical equipment procurement personnel. AceInfo believes that the prototype demonstrates our design practices and ability to consume, modify, remix, and display FDA datasets in an Agile/DevOps based Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process framework that meets the US Digital Services Playbook guidelines. The CoE implemented a Scrum based Agile delivery process for prototype implementation, and created a new project and scrum board in JIRA to cover story points and iteration planning for user stories.

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EPA Office of Pesticides (Infrastructure management Tool)

Sensing the need for a centralized repository of infrastructure details, a web based Infrastructure Management Tool has been created using Oracle Apex. This tool stores and manages infrastructure details such as Servers, Databases, Applications, Login Accounts and respective attributes. Considering the severity of sensitive information being managed, the secure data attributes are encrypted. Functional security is programmed to enhance auditing and authorization of data. This tool automates the resource availability notification services and facilitates as a communication module.

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